Image of Rebekah Erdman.

Rebekah Erdman

Rebekah Erdman is a PhD student in Musicology. She holds a MM in Clarinet Performance from the University of Minnesota Duluth and a BM in Music Education from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay. Rebekah’s primary research interest is the music of late-nineteenth and twentieth century Great Britain, with an emphasis on women composers and chamber works.
Headshot of Danielle Kramer

Danielle Kramer

Danielle Kramer is a master’s student in musicology. Her primary research interests include the horn in film music, community music ensembles, adaptation studies, and the music of Christian communities in 16th and 17th century Japan.
An Image of Zane Larson

Zane Larson

Zane Larson is a PhD student in Musicology. He holds a MM in Music Theory from Florida State University and a BA in Music Performance (vocal) with a minor in education from Luther College. Zane’s primary research areas include contemporary pop music, musical theatre, choral music, and film music.
Image of Cody Norling.

Cody Norling

Cody Norling is a PhD candidate in Historical Musicology. As an archival historian, he studies a range of topics related to operatic dissemination, consumption, and reception in the United States, and is currently undergoing dissertation research regarding the civic density of operatic cultures in 1920s Chicago.
Image of Megan Small.

Megan Small

Megan Small is a PhD candidate in Musicology. Expanding upon her research of American and Hungarian music of the twentieth century, Megan’s dissertation explores gender and exoticism in the music of early water ballet performances.

Music Theory

Image of Ryne Carlson.

Ryne Carlson

Ryne Carlson is a PhD student in Music Theory.


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